Hi, nice to meet you!

I am Lukas Jasper Marquardt aka eljotem, currently working at Syrreal Works GmbH as Tech Lead, Conform & VFX Artist and DI Engineer since 2023, after I had my start in professional film business at BASIS Berlin Postproduktion GmbH as Conforming & VFX Artist 2019-2023.
My graduation with a bachelor's degree in 'Multimedia Production' at FH-Kiel was followed by my first job at PANTAFLIX Technologies 2017-2019.

As a side project I create and animate music cover artwork (check out the ART section to learn more about that topic) and occasionally live stream on Twitch with gameplay, movie nerd talks or painting/animation content.

If you want more detailed infos about my carreer so far, check out my detailed full vita list:


Also feel free to check out my profiles on following pages for more detailed infos, work i did and my latest artwork.